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CARO is an informal group of individuals who have been working together since around 1990 across corporate and academic borders to study the phenomenon of computer malware. CARO essentially superceded other (if you can believe it) even less formalized groups of anti-virus professionals. CARO preceeded EICAR, a more formal organization, but was founded by a similar set of people. Whereas CARO was always a technical group, EICAR also had a distinct legal and general security focus. Nowadays, the two groups operate largely independent of each other. One historic joint project was the EICAR test file that was created by CARO members and published by EICAR.

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In particular, the CARO Naming Scheme and malware terminology are very important to us, so see those pages for further information.

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The MemberList contains a list of CARO members who wish to be public.